Feb 14 2020

Italian Furniture Wholesale: Online furniture store – Home appliances and accessories, furniture wholesale.

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Italian Furniture Wholesale

Furniture wholesale

Are you a reseller, interior designer, architect, contractor or furniture sales rep searching for an Italian furniture wholesale?

Fill out the form at the bottom or write to [email protected] to receive more information.

Furniture wholesale

Dozens of Brands

Furniture wholesale

As products come directly from the manufacturers , we can skip many steps in the supply chain.

Furniture wholesale

Top Quality Brands

Our Italian Design Team personally selects all our items.

Furniture wholesale

The Quickest Delivery

Furniture wholesale

Only Original Products

Furniture wholesale

Worldwide Shipping, Local Support

We can assist you locally thanks to our US branch and warehouse.

Your data will be used only to send you the requested information, without any obligation.

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Furniture wholesale

Furniture wholesale

Arredatutto srl – via Vigevano, 15 – 20144 – Milano (MI) ITALY – Tel. +39 02 42292871 – Fax. +39 02 47712284

SHOWROOM: via Vigevano, 32 – 20144 – Milano (MI) ITALY

The information on may be subject to change without notice.

Brands in the catalog are property of their respective owners.

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