Feb 14 2020

13 Living Room Furniture Sets under 500 Dollars – All World Furniture, couches under 500.

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13 Living Room Furniture Sets under 500 Dollars

Furniture plays a key role in the marking of a beautiful home. It makes life easy and comfortable. However, with the rising cost of furniture, most homeowners are looking for living room furniture sets under 500 USD. At All World Furniture, it is our highest calling to provide our customers with affordable and durable furniture solutions.Couches under 500

We have put together a list of living room furniture sets that are under 500 USD.

George Nelson Bench 72” American Maple $360Couches under 500

Designed in 1946 by the famous furniture designer George Nelson, the George Nelson Bench is an extraordinary platform bench. There are three parts – two birch wood legs and a wooden top consisting of a number of clean, rectilinear wooden pieces with regular gaps between every two pieces. It works as a multi-purpose resting place in homes, gardens, offices and public places. Thanks to the contemporary look, the bench compliments any environment beautifully.

Noguchi Coffee Table Birch Black $384Couches under 500

Noguchi Coffee table needs no introduction. Designed by the iconic Isamu Noguchi, this minimalist coffee table has two curved interlocking walnut wood legs and one triangular glass top. It’s a classic combination of space-saving and futuristic design, and great utility. Due to the sleek look, it’s the perfect suit for any living room décor. No wonder why this is one of the top selling living room furniture sets under 500 USD at our store.

Lana Coffee Table $295Couches under 500

Sturdy balanced design and strong practicality is what makes a Lana Coffee table. The contemporary coffee table comprises clear tempered glass top surrounded by mahogany veneer borders. The top is rested on intersecting wooden legs with another wooden block connecting both the intersecting joints for extra support and durability. This is an ideal coffee table both for your home and office environment.

Risom Lounge Chair $373Couches under 500

The Risom Lounge chair resembles an armchair and has got a simple look and comfortable structure. Fantastic combination of gentle curves and geometric angles expresses Risom’s Scandinavian design sensibilities. Place it in holiday homes and lawns, and enjoy reading a book or feel the tranquility of nature. This is a strong and durable chair to sit and relax on.

Le Corbusier Basculant Chair $375Couches under 500

The Le Corbusier Basculant chair is designed to give you full comfort. It includes clean lines and extremely comfortable back rest. Both the seat and the back are covered in leather or pony hide, and the frame is designed from mirror polished stainless steel to have a glossy look.

Bera Lounge Chair by Euro Style $425Couches under 500

The Bera Lounge chair is one of most versatile office and living room furniture sets under 500 USD. The leatherette seat and back offer comfortable resting support easy cleaning. The chrome steel frame and legs provide utmost strength and support to the shell and the back. Available in white and gray leatherette, it’s a perfect lounge chair for all kinds of modernistic decors.

Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair $472Couches under 500

The Arne Jacobsen Swan chair showcases the height of modern-day innovation. The highly innovative design includes a classy look with curvy shape and sturdy stand. The swivel action offers comfortable sitting anywhere you place it. It can easily be used both in homes and offices without consuming much space. This one of most viable office and living room furniture sets available under 500 USD.

Eero Aarnio Half Dome Chair $495Couches under 500

The Eero Aarnio Half Dome chair is one of the most attractive pieces of furniture due to its one-of-a-kind design. The tempting look is especially kids’ and teenagers’ favorite; however, it’s designed to provide full comfort to all users. The seat and back both are covered in Italian leather. Small castor wheels are installed underneath to easily move the chair.

James Pyramid End Table by Linea $250Couches under 500

This end table by Linea has got a completely unique and futuristic design including a clean table top and a pyramid inspired base. You can use it to meet the extra table space requirement. The medium density fiberboard with a veneer finish gives a wooden look and ensures this is a strong and long lasting artifact.

Drum End Table by Linea $250Couches under 500

You will love the design. The drum inspired sturdy stand is made from wood, which provides enough strength to the unique structure. The top is either a veneer top or glass top. Whether you place it in your living room or office space, the classic look will handsomely complement the interior.

Circle Fly End Table $325Couches under 500

Fully futuristic in look the Circle Fly end table consists of crystal clear glass top and a minimalistic stand that comprises two sturdy chrome shaped rings. This is a highly creative design that looks great and performs exceptionally well.

Movado End Table $195Couches under 500

The simple and low profile statement of this beautiful end table will entice your eyes. It includes a well-built glass top and a sturdy chrome stainless steel stand with a glass foot. The design is entirely modernistic and compliments any interior beautifully.

Metro End Table $475Couches under 500

The table looks elegant with a tempered rectangular glass top based on two high glossy chromium-plated metal pillars. It’s a handy piece of furniture both in your home and office. If the glass top is carefully handled, the table would serve you for several years. It’s one of the most popular living room furniture sets available under 500 dollars.

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