Feb 13 2020

Traditional Bedroom Furniture, Sets, Suites, American Made, traditional bedroom furniture.

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Traditional Bedroom Furniture

For the past 20 years Furniture Traditions has made traditional master bedroom suites. From clean lines to beautiful raised panel sides and doors, we designed bedroom furniture for the person whose tastes go on and on like their love for a classic painting. We invite you to browse our selection of high quality headboards and choose the piece that will transform your bedroom today — traditional, transitional or simply classic bedroom furniture.

Traditional Furniture Styles.

Over the past 20 plus years we have had traditional styles like the tall 4-Poster bed and Artisan Bookcase Headboard, but we didn’t stop there. We then went on to add the look of a few transitional beds like our Deluxe Spindle, our Master-piece Bookcase Headboard and classics like the Sleigh bed (a true classic with steam bent head and footboards not flat panels) and a pier wall bed named the Master-piece Pier Group. With the combination of these styles we have crossed the border from simple Traditional thru Transitional and straight to the Classics.

At Furniture Traditions we know that just because furniture styles in society change doesn’t mean your tastes will. Your likes and dislikes stay true and so have we. We have been using the same wood, Northern Red Oak and North American Alder hardwoods, the same finishes and the same hardware for the last 20 years. We know that not everyone can walk in and afford the bedroom that they truly desire all at once. This is why Furniture Traditions has stayed true so you can buy your “Dream Suite” in matching pieces as you can afford it or have the room. Who else can say that? Who else would care to give you that opportunity?

Traditional bedroom furniture

Traditional bedroom furniture

Traditional bedroom furniture

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