Feb 13 2020

Flexsteel Home Furniture, Best American Made Furniture, leather bedroom furniture.

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Flexsteel Home

Whether your tastes skew classic, contemporary or a mix of both, we can help you find a look to make any space feel like home.

Leather bedroom furniture

Built to Order

We design and manufacture our own products, so we sought out the most experienced local craftsmen and women to work with us. We’ve always taken a hands-on approach, working with respected suppliers to offer the highest-quality designs and materials.

Careful Craftsmanship

No two designs are alike, so each gets a specially assembled mix of cushion and padding materials for maximum comfort and long-lasting support. Our solid wood construction makes efficient use of natural resources, while precision engineering lets us create frames so strong we guarantee them for life — even if you have children or pets.

Leather bedroom furniture

Heart of Steel

You ll find our namesake Blue Steel Spring at the core of our upholstered seating. Not only does it offer lifetime-guaranteed durability, but it s built to last even longer. The design itself hasn t radically changed in over 75 years. Unlike eight-way hand-tied springs, it never needs retying or replacing to keep you from getting that sinking feeling in your seat.

  • Leather bedroom furniture
  • Leather bedroom furniture
  • Leather bedroom furniture
  • Leather bedroom furniture
  • Leather bedroom furniture
  • Leather bedroom furniture
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  • Leather bedroom furniture

Even more, shipped to your doorstep

Flexsteel is proud to offer a convenient alternative through our sister company, Home Styles. Designed to be functional, beautiful, and affordable, Home Styles furniture is ready-to-assemble and conveniently shipped in flat-packs so you can simplify your life while styling your home.

  • Leather bedroom furniture

    Play Outside

    Home Styles offers a wide selection of outdoor leisure, dining and recreational furniture. Whatever your taste, Home Styles has something for you.

  • Leather bedroom furniture

    Home Cooking

    The Bermuda kitchen cart is an inspired fusion of British colonial and old world tropical design. See it and everything else Home Styles has to offer for your dream kitchen.

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